by Overpain

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7 track e.p from salonika's lifeweight squad.


released December 18, 2015

Recorded - Mixed - Mastered at Valve Studioz



all rights reserved


Overpain Thessaloniki, Greece

The Band formed In August Of 2007 Straight From Salonika City!

Played many shows in Greece and some abroad.

Still Standing e.p (May 2008)
Inner Strength Single(October 2008)
Underrated - Overhated Full Length(December 2012)Lifeweight EP(December 2015)
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Track Name: Ignition

vital Substance is gone levels of attitude dropped
paths Predefined we're as good as gone
morals went astray humanity rots away
built to take any pain so increase the fuckin weight

we own nothing to your perfect world
We don't belong in this shithole

life is a fuckin trap
there is no escape the vice just took shape

have to carry any weight
gotta try to pave my way
want to taste victory
against this fuckin grain
Track Name: Deadlock
despise for people who went and go for the big life believe in hype and
follow this fake bright light
getting some easy pussy and shining in this fame game is for what you aim
and this is something that i can't relate

ignorance on morality keeps getting me vexed
still no realization still going misled

no salvation

the youth is fed with shallow dreams broken promises and worthless beliefs
they never tell you that nothing is what it seems just exist to pay the fuckin bills

it's all part of a dirty scheme
torn apart from limb to limb
even the pressure to succeed
was built on false needs

The foundation was infected from the start
the potential each one maybe had lost within time
there is only one way ..straight to damnation
cause i see this mindless mindset like some form of stagnation

Where's the sincerity all i hear is lies
Deceit is taking form infront of my fuckin eyes

Fuck this world

Stop bying what they sell you being a product looking for
attention in things in which you will never be acknowledged
Stop with cheap excuses and this fuckin pretense
Why being destined for someone else's intends?is this something
that you can accept?
Track Name: Backbone Feat. Strike Each Other
i don't give myself false hope
i just accept the fact i'm trapped in the muck
stuck with no time to fuckin slack
but determined to adapt and overcome

the blame you throw at me won't reign
i'll just bury it as i did with shame
no mental force you use can break me
your games are too weak to even bent me

won't sink in fear
i'll stand tall and persevere
can't stop ill will
and a backbone made from steel

fuck the mentally weak
pussies that don't deserve to fuckin breathe
this sheep made world i'll outlive
nevah gonna quit

the spark in my eyes will nevah fade
my spirit will never be tamed

the dark wants to excel
trying to find my blackness to dwell
but i know some things about hell

those imps won't get shit!
This life sentence i'll serve
Screamin anthems for the condemned

even if there is no escape the only thing left to do is agitate this cage
i'm gonna become the beast you want me to be
full range power with rage that will devour

I don't feel empty inside
Already filled the blank with hate for every mothefucka in sight

real life started when my fuckin dreams died
when i cut my wings from the root
opened my eyes and saw through

realize that this world can't provide
forever on thick ice we'll glide
Track Name: Iceberg
your actions can't testify any depths of self
cause what you show is a fuckin joke

all talk and you still space walks So easy to savvy your type of mold

If this is your best then you belong with the rest

your kind of pest it's not so hard to deflect
already on prowl to wipe out the whole nest

Who are you? still bubbling shit
Who are you? This is not a place for the untrue

you'll never feel the way we feel
this is something you can't understand
and you will never learn

you'll never learn

i know firsthand you'll be gone
when all these start to get old

jumped in and moved so fast got stuck in some image trap
the path you took will be your doom
never realized it's not just music it's life's encounters
lifeweight class for the have nots

but you won't care as your asses bound in butterland clowns
today here tomorrow somewhere else you are here for the fuckin false things
it's something cool to show off ha
and you will leave like no lesson was given cause nothing can change
your ignorant life
fuck you

cold anger and misery everyday we suffocate everyday we feel pain
must stay awake built some strength within and oppose this bitch
called life

still don't get the profundity of this?
the real thing is not on the tip bitch

Track Name: Purge Feat. King Nine
Your lies sound so sweet in the ears of a hopeless crowd
but we heard them before all promises broke
done waiting for your better tomorrow everything now seems so hard to swallow
fuck tomorrow if it's still going to be like you preach it will be
cause these lies won't stop till people open their eyes and flick
need to be burned for the suffering you caused in the past
and prevent you from destroying the future furthermore


Burn for the inconvenience you filled in us
Suffer for the vices you gave us
Uncaring for your filty kind
Cause you have no dignity nor shame
For feedin people unneeded pain

you fools want to take the best of me
day by day you victual me with a pinch of misery
want me addicted need me afflicted
but as you pull me under i'll drag ya down with me

i give my everything to see you all cremate with me in the deepest depths

the truth we hold ain't the same
your small world is crashing down
and i'll be the one to punish you

this ship has set sail
human values have been curtailed
but we'll keep pushing and pushing
even through fail we'll prevail

want to make amends on the society i detest
scarred from burdens i never asked

sick of their rules and alibis count me in for the frontline
outside is our side losing this spine is like losing our prime
make em feel your pain use this ball n chain
These dead eyes can spark the whole damn place
and with a smile the end i'll embrace
if i can't uproot this tree of evil
i'll set every branch of it on fire

watch it burn
never generate the same seed
Track Name: State Of Shame
They don't fuckin care cause we sit and blend
who you think conduced to let this world bent

this feeling of descent and discontent
it's our fault but only few can aware

The maze we're in the curse we breathe
The venom they spit the turmoil they breed

No Hope

will never get what we truly deserve
we'll rot along the way miserable and stressed
reality wants to take everything we have
but even then something will still pump in our chest


who can apprehend and comprehend
who won't stoop and stop this predefined hell

the rich will always engulf the poor
the authority will always obscure

born dead necks choked in debts
world is fed with no chance to change or progress
the oppressed protest but still livin like they're blessed
if i don't see this mockery's end i will not rest

Fuck this mentality
Fuck this state of shame

Let what was once buried rise defiant
Let the rust scrath the surface of their so called promised land

Shatter this realm of voraciousness

Sink it deep..sink it deep

words are worthless
deeds must takeover
Track Name: Tales From The Cesspool
Whatever it takes Whenever it takes
gotta survive in this pit of waste
gotta endure against the heavy rain
gotta make it right live through fuckin pain never be restrained

have to escape have to reach out the unreachable gate
have to dominate any barriers that stand in the fuckin way

this life is not what you expect to be kid
you may lose every round you may loose your grip
this world doesn't care how you feel
they'll whip and whip till these wounds won't heal

Take nothing for granted
you can lose everything in a blink of an eye
integrity will measure strength
never be tempted to fit in their world always reject

If you don't follow the stream
they see you like trash
treat you like a lost cause
and dump you like you have been erased
But the rats know and some other way that most of these weak fools just afraid

when the time will come for a face to face
all will get to know their place x2

Feed em to the flames

Their power trip is nothing againt us
even with your soul chained down you'll figure it out
even if you drift deeper into the doubt
remember you built to be unbowed

hold strong

maybe someday
we'll force some change
maybe someday
won't have to cope and rearrange

cause now we hit rock bottom
We hit rock bottom